Building Information Management (BIM) Council NBIMS Core BIM Requirements Workgroup

Building Information Management (BIM) Council

NBIMS Core BIM Requirements Workgroup

Chair: Connor Christian
Planning Committee Liaison: Carrie Sturts Dossick


The primary focus of this Workgroup (WG) is to define the scope and content for minimum core BIM implementation on a project. This candidate module is intended as a standard to define the minimum requirements for a BIM-enabled project that refers to other comprehensive modules such as Industry Foundation Classes, COBie, BIM Use Definitions, BIM Execution Planning and Modeling Requirements.


This module will support industry implementation of BIM through the definition of minimum requirements. The NBIMS content, such as IFC, often focuses on comprehensive definitions without guidelines or requirements as to how to implement these definitions and standards. The Minimum core BIM requirements module would reference these other standards and provide a guide for minimum viable application of these for a BIM-enabled project.


This WG is one of several WGs that are focused on topical areas within the NBIMS. All WGs should coordinate any overlapping topics with the leadership of the related WG and the Planning Committee (PLC). Topics outside of the WGs focus area that are discovered during WG activities should be brought to the attention of the PLC for consideration. As other modules of the standard are revised, this minimum core BIM module must be reviewed for agreement and compliance with referenced modules. The information contained herein is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities but rather a starting point.


This candidate module focuses on the project requirements for minimum BIM scope that defines the basic BIM requirements. To this end, the Workgroup with the support of subject matter experts will review existing standards (national, international, state, local) that define BIM project requirements and develop an interim report to support the development of this minimum BIM requirements language. Where possible, this candidate module will refer to other NBIMS modules (e.g. BIM Uses, Modeling Requirements such as LOD and M3, BIM Execution Planning, COBie, and IFC). This Workgroup will then develop the candidate module language for ballot.

Overall Schedule with Milestones

Milestone Schedule
Form Workgroup 3 months
Develop WG Work Plan 3 months
Hire subject matter expert 2 months
Conduct Best Practice review with Interim Report 1 6 months
Develop candidate module draft language 3 months
Refine and revise candidate module for ballot 3 months
Ballot candidate module PLC 2 months
Ballot candidate module PC 2 months


The end state will be a well-developed minimum core BIM candidate module that define the requirements for a minimal viable BIM-enabled project. The candidate module will be balloted for review, comment and approval of the NBIMS-US Project Committee.

Proposed Required Resources

This module is new content for the standard and arguably the heart of the NBIMS. We recommend a kick-off face-to-face meeting for the Workgroup to launch the effort, with monthly virtual meetings subsequently. We also recommend NIBS enlist subject matter experts to conduct research on the best practices already developed in the market place (interim report 1] and draft NBIMS standard language for this candidate module for review and revision by the WG volunteer members. We understand that generally NIBS staff cannot support all the online meetings.

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