Building Information Management (BIM) Council NBIMS BIM Use Definitions Workgroup

Building Information Management (BIM) Council

NBIMS BIM Use Definitions Workgroup

Chair: Ralph Kreider
Planning Committee Liaison: Johnny Fortune


The primary focus of this Workgroup (WG) is to identify appropriate BIM Use Definitions and Development Methodology for inclusion in the NBIMS. This includes gathering BIM Uses from existing versions of NBIMS as well as potentially other sources. Each BIM Use should be discussed by the WG and evaluated for any necessary revisions to align with current industry practices. The WG should also engage in sound scholarly research and user interviews or surveys to identify additional BIM Uses that are candidates for inclusion. Additionally, the WG should include a standardized Development Methodology to BIM Uses (such as the approach included NBIMS v3) to provide flexibility of creating custom project-specific BIM Uses that still align with a National Standard. The end state should be one where project stakeholders can pick from a well-developed list of BIM Uses to require them on a project or require a defined process for developing a custom BIM Use. While the BIM Use Definitions are not intended to describe means and methods, all necessary components of the BIM Use should be identified (i.e., prerequisites, input, output, etc.).


This WG is one of several WGs that are focused on topical areas within the NBIMS. All WGs should coordinate any overlapping topics with the leadership of the related WG and the Planning Committee (PLC). Topics outside of the WGs focus area that are discovered during WG activities should be brought to the attention of the PLC for consideration. Additionally, all BIM Uses suggested by other WG must be considered to properly align the various portions of NBIMS. The information contained herein is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities but rather a starting point.


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Overall Schedule

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Proposed Required Resources

The WG will meet on a monthly basis at a minimum to make progress toward developing the BIM Use Definitions for NBIMS. These meetings will be virtual meetings unless there are events with multiple WG members attending to allow for face-to-face meetings, e.g., NIBS conference. The content development will require time from a graphic designer and resources to host content online.

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