Building Information Management (BIM) Council NBIMS BIM Execution Planning Workgroup

Building Information Management (BIM) Council

NBIMS BIM Execution Planning (BEP) Workgroup

Chair: Dianne Davis
Planning Committee Liaison: John Messner


The BIM Project Execution Planning Guide (BEP Guide) and corresponding templates included in NBIMS were initially developed in October 2009. The BEP Guide outlines a structured approach for a project team to develop a BEP through a collaborative process leveraging a consistent template for BEP content. In 2012, Version 2.1 of the BEP Guide and Templates were released, and they are incorporated into the NBIMS-US.

While the BEP Guide and Template have been instrumental in driving consistency in the planning process, many large owners and project teams have been improving upon the initial versions of the BEP Guide and Template. There is a need to collect, evaluate, and compile core revisions to the documents that leverage the best content revisions through a structured evaluation.

The goal of this WG is to develop a comprehensive BEP Guide and Templates that can be used as a standard deliverable, with structured extensions or customizations by owners and other project team members if needed.


This WG is one of several WGs that are focused on topical areas within the NBIMS. All WGs should coordinate any overlapping topics with the leadership of the related WG and the Planning Committee (PLC). Topics outside of the WGs focus area that are discovered during WG activities should be brought to the attention of the PLC for consideration. Additionally, the BEP procedure managed within this WG will need to be aligned with other WG content related to BEP within various portions of NBIMS. The information contained herein is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities but rather a starting point.


To meet the goal, the WG will focus on:

  1. Collecting and developing a content analysis of BEP template examples from a variety of owners and other project team members;
  2. Developing a revised BEP Guide and Template that incorporates core improvements; and
  3. Developing a BEP information exchange that captures the content for a standard BEP within a digital exchange to enable team members to build and easily transfer information regarding BEPs.

Overall Schedule

Coming Soon.


  • BIM Project Execution Planning Guide online document
  • BIM Project Execution Planning Template in digital format
  • BIM Project Execution Planning Information Exchange Definition

Proposed Required Resources

The WG will meet on a monthly basis at a minimum to make progress toward developing the BEP resources for NBIMS 2020/2021. These meetings will be virtual meetings unless there are events with multiple WG members attending to allow for face-to-face meetings, e.g., NIBS conference. The development of an updated BEP Guide and templates will require time from a subject matter expert and research into the current BEP best practices, BEP template content analysis, and BEP information exchange definition. The content development will require time from a graphic designer and resources to host content online.

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