Building Information Management (BIM) Council

Building Information Management (BIM) Council

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The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Building Information Management (BIM) Council (formerlly known as the buildingSMART alliance®) is a unique organization helping the North American real property industry become more efficient. The NIBS BIM Council leads in the creation of tools and standards that allow projects to be built digitally before they are built physically through the use of Building Information Modeling. For more information, see the Council's FAQs.


To achieve a sustainable and efficient architecture, engineering, construction owner and operator industry enabled with effective work processes based on collaboration, information technology and open standards.


To lead the development and deployment of broadly adopted national information exchange standards and best practices for the built environment, with a focus on significantly improving project delivery and operational processes.


The NIBS BIM Council will advance the adoption of information technology within the industry by:

  • Providing thought leadership for industry work process improvements
  • Enabling and promoting the development of information exchange standards
  • Providing a forum to share lessons learned and develop best practices
  • Developing, promoting, and delivering education on information exchange standards and proven practices
  • Sustaining programs and activities through the investment and involvement of members and non-members alike, representing both the public and private sector


Roger J. Grant, CSI, CDT
Executive Director, Building Information Management

National Institute of Building Sciences


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