Beyond Green Awards

The National Institute of Building Sciences is proud to announce the 2018 Beyond Green™ High- Performance Building & Community Awards. This unique program recognizes the initiatives that shape, inform and catalyze the high-performance building market, as well as the real-world application of high-performance design and construction practices.

The winners of the Beyond Green™ High-Performance Building & Community Awards will present their projects during Building Innovation 2019: The National Institute of Building Sciences Conference and Expo, to be held January 7-10, 2019. This presentation gives winners an opportunity to share directly with the leaders in the building community, highlighting the challenges and opportunities they faced while delivering high-performance buildings.


Winning projects will appear as case studies on the WBDG Whole Building Design Guide®. Additional recognition will include a news release, an announcement in the Institute’s newsletter, a plaque and potential inclusion in future Institute technical guidelines and publications. Projects that have received awards from industry organizations or publications may enter using the Institute member rate.


Entries must be completed no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, via the online submission process.

Award Categories

Click a category below to download the entry template for review. All templates are available in Microsoft Word .

  • High-Performance Buildings
    • New Commercial (1-3 years)
    • Including Public and Academic Buildings
    • New Residential (1-3 years)
    • Existing Building Remodel/Retrofit (1+ years)
    • Historic Preservation Remodel/Retrofit (1+ years)
  • High-Performance Initiatives
    • Policy Programs
    • Educational Initiatives
    • Consumer Awareness Efforts
    • Building Community Activities
    • Community Resilience and Hazard Mitigation Planning and Implementation
  • Innovations for High-Performance Buildings and Communities
    • Funding Mechanisms
    • Insurance Products
    • Contracting Mechanisms
    • Design, Construction or Operations Processes
    • Code Department Administration and Code Compliance
    • Community Resilience Planning and Design
    • Research
    • Emerging Issues (including Social Responsibility, Energy-Water Nexus, etc.)

Submission Guidelines

Entries must be completed using the online submission process NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m. ET on October 31, 2018.

  • The application fee is $250 for non-members or $200 for Institute members. Select the category below to pay the entry fee (Please allow for only one category entry per order. Payment will be accepted by American Express, Visa and MasterCard.):
  • Projects and programs that have previously been recognized by industry organizations or publications are eligible to enter at the Institute member rate. Please contact Ryan Colker ( for a special code to obtain this special rate.
  • Once you complete the purchase, you will see a link to your invoice and entry form on the 'Thank You' page as well as in the email receipt. Click to download the entry form and follow the instructions on cover page.


Email questions to:

Past Winners

2017 Award Winners | 2016 Award Winners | 2015 Award Winners | 2014 Award Winners | 2013 Award Winners | 2012 Award Winners | 2011 Award Winners

High-Performance Buildings and Whole Building Design

A truly successful project is one where project goals are identified early on and where the interdependencies of all building systems are coordinated concurrently from the planning and programming phase. Further, it is one that helps the building community better understand the interrelationships, evaluate and appropriately apply the eight high-performance attributes as design objectives: accessible, aesthetics, cost-effective, functional/operational, historic preservation, productive, secure/safe, and sustainable. Each of these design objectives is presented in the context of the others throughout the WBDG Whole Building Design Guide® website. The Institute's Beyond Green™ High-Performance Building and Community Awards Program relies on the concepts embodied in the whole building design objectives to produce high-performance buildings. Each design objective described herein is significantly important, yet it is just one aspect of what it takes to achieve a successful project.

  • Sustainable: Pertains to environmental performance of building elements and strategies.
  • Safe and Secure: Design and construct buildings that resist natural and man-made hazards.
  • Productive/Healthy: Design for building occupant physical and psychological well-being.
  • Accessible: Ensure equal use of the building for all and plan for flexibility.
  • Aesthetic: Pertains to the physical appearance and image of building elements and spaces, as well as the integrated design process.
  • Cost-Effective: Selection of building elements on the basis of life-cycle costs.
  • Functional: Define the size and proximity of the different spaces needed for activities and equipment and anticipate changing information technology (IT) and other building systems equipment.
  • Historic: Protect and preserve, rehabilitate, restore or reconstruct historic buildings.

For more comprehensive descriptions of the eight high-performance attributes as design objectives, visit

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) may use the content of any entries to educate and inspire the building industry by creating case studies, web pages and new program curricula. By participating in the awards program, entrants grant the Institute an unlimited, permanent, nonexclusive license, under which the Institute may film, tape, transcribe, or quote from the materials and/or awards reception presentations; create derivative works; and publish in any format. The Institute will not be required to pay royalties or make any payment. Organizations or individuals presenting content considered proprietary, to the extent that it cannot be shared beyond the awards program, should not participate at this time.

2018 Winners

Institute Recognizes 2018 Beyond Green™ Award Winners
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