Building Enclosure Science & Technology (BEST2) Conference
BEST2 Conference

A New Design Paradigm for Energy Efficient Buildings

April 12-14, 2010
Portland, OR

The energy economy of the globe is about to be restructured in recognition of the un-sustainability of the increasing demand for oil and the drive for replacement sources and modes of energy supply. The building sector of the economy currently draws upon 40% of total energy use and is responsible for almost half (48%) of all Green House Gas emissions annually. This has come about from a time when energy costs and impacts were never expected to have a lasting impact on the national economy. The new design paradigm will need to apply all of the ingenuity that the design professions can muster to affect the demand side for energy use in buildings – for both new buildings and the host of existing buildings. It is not enough to only make efficient use of energy; we must also improve the durability of buildings and provide the air quality and livability that is required for a healthy and productive population.

A three day event, BEST2 comprised three tracks (Energy Efficiency/Whole Building/Fenestration) that provided a focus on specific aspects of performance of building systems with a view to high energy efficiency, good indoor climate and long-term performance. The conference brought together leading research from Europe, Canada and the United States focusing on existing and future buildings. The academic research was complimented with "real world" applications and case studies. The program included panel discussions, featured workshops and plenary speakers.

Program & Presentations

The presentations below are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. PDF

April 11, 2010

Early Registration at Conference Hotel (5:00 PM–6:30 PM)

Reception at Conference Hotel (6:30 PM–8:30 PM)

April 12, 2010 - Conference day 1: Monday

Registration at convention center (7:00 AM)

Continental Breakfast (7:00 AM–7:45 AM)

P1 Plenary (7:45 AM–8:00 AM)
Rob Kistler - Welcome on behalf of the Portland BEC Organizing Committee

  • P1-1 8:00 AM–8:45 AM: Keynote Address by Leslie L. Shepherd, Chief Architect, U.S. General Services Administration  Presentation
  • P1-2 8:45 AM–9:15 AM: Antonio Colantonio, representing National Research Council, Canada  Presentation
  • P1-3 9:15 AM–9:45 AM: Sam Rashkin, US Environmental Protection Agency  Presentation

Break (9:45 AM–10:05 AM)

P2 Plenary (10:05 AM–11:45 AM)

  • P2-1 10:05 AM–10:25 AM: Henry Green - Introduction from the National Institute of Building Sciences, Washington, DC  Presentation
  • P2-2 10:25 AM–11:05 AM: Cory Vanderpool - Strategies and Incentives for Retrofitting Buildings to Reduce Energy Consumption  Presentation | Papers
  • P2-3 11:05 AM–11:25 AM: Mark Bomberg - Introduction to Energy Efficiency Track (EE), Syracuse U.  Presentation
  • P2-4 11:25 AM–11:35 AM: Don Onysko - Introduction to the Whole Building Track (WB-M), DMO Associates, Ottawa, ON
  • P2-5 11:35 AM–11:45 AM: Stanley Yee - Introduction to Fenestration sessions (WB-F), Façade group, Portland, OR  Presentation

Lunch (11:45 AM–12:45 PM)

EE3 Energy Efficiency (12:45 PM–2:45 PM)
Energy Efficiency Invited Session: Chair: Antonio Colantonio, Public Works and Government Services Canada

  • EE3-1 Energy Use in Uid and High-Rise Residential Buildings in BC - Graham Finch, Eric Burnett, and Warren Knowles, RDH Building Engineering, Vancouver, BC  Presentation | Papers
  • EE3-2 Design of Sustainable Buildings Requires a New Approach - Warren Knowles, Paul Kernan, Graham Finch, and Eric Burnet, RDH Building Engineering, Vancouver, BC  Presentation | Papers
  • EE3-3 Optimization of Net Zero Energy Houses - Gary Proskiw, Proskiw Eng , Winnipeg and Anil Parekh, NRCan, Ottawa, On  Presentation | Papers

WB3 Case Studies (12:45 PM–2:45 PM)
Case Studies - chair: Bill Rose, U of Ill, School of Architecture

  • WB3-1 Building Case Studies in Peer Reviewed Literature - William B. Rose, William B Rose & Associates
  • WB3-2 Upgrade of Glazing at Guggenheim Museum - Angel Ayon and Bill Rose  Papers
  • WB3-3 (C148:C178) Upgrade of Building Enclosure at the Guggenheim Museum - Bill Rose and Angel Ayon  Papers
  • WB3-4 Six Ways for Condensation - Wagdy Anis, WJE, Boston, MA  Papers

Break (2:45 PM–3:10 PM)

EE4 Design and Rehabilitation (3:10 PM–4:40 PM)
Design and Rehabilitation - Chair: Dudley McFarquhar, McFarquhar Group, Dallas

  • EE4-1 Review of Curtain Walls - Karol Kazmierczak, Morrison Hershfield Corp. Plantation, FL  Papers
  • EE4-2 Review of High-rise Construction - Pierre Michel Busque, Busque Eng, Richmond, BC  Presentation | Papers
  • EE4-3 Energy considerations in the rehab of buildings - Michael B. Waite

WB4 Case Studies (3:10 PM–4:40 PM)
Case studies - Chair: Donald Onysko, DMO Associates

  • WB4-1 Development of New Whole Building Hygrothermal Model - Fitsum Tariku, Kumar Kumaran, Institute for Research in Construction, Ottawa, ON, and Paul Fazio, Concordia University, Montreal, QC  Presentation | Papers
  • WB4-2 Best Practices and Quality Issues in Residential Stucco Applications, Brad Oberg and Rich Baker, IBACOS  Presentation | Papers
  • WB4-3 Thermal Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings with Vacuum Insulation Panel - Christoph Buxbaum, W. Gallent, S. Kircher, Carinthia U.of Applied Sciences, Spittal an der Drau, and O. Pankratz, Haidershofen, and A. Seiler, KNAUF, Austria  Presentation | Papers

P5 Plenary (4:40 PM–6:40 PM)
Peter Ryan - Evening Plenary and Reception

  • P5-1 4:40 PM–5:40 PM: Rick Ames, Next Phase Studios, Daylighting as inspiration for Design
  • P5-2 5:40 PM–6:40 PM: Brad Oberg, IBACOS, Sustainable Lighting Products, Practices, and Principles  Presentation

Reception at Convention Center (6:40 AM–8:00 AM)

April 13, 2010 - Conference day 2: Tuesday

Registration (7:00 AM–9:00 AM)

Continental Breakfast (7:00 AM–7:45 AM)

EE6 High R Value (7:45 AM–10:00 AM)
High R Value - Chair : Mark Bomberg, Syracuse University

  • EE6-1 Vacuum Insulation Panels in Wood Frame Wall Constructions - Measurements and Simulations, Thomas Haavi, Bjørn Jelle, Arild Gustavsen, Steinar Grynning, Sivert Uvsløkk, Ruben Baetens and Roland Caps  Presentation | Papers
  • EE6-2 Effect of aging on service life of vacuum insulation, Erlend Wegger, Bjørn Petter Jelle, Erland Sveipe, Steinar Grynning, Ruben Baetens and Jan Vincent Thue, Norwegian U and SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway  Presentation | Papers
  • EE6-3 Insulated composite panels designed for brick backup - Keith Boyer, CENTRIA, Pittsburgh, PA and John Preece, 90ten Architects, Lawrenceville, GA  Presentation | Papers
  • EE6-4 Evaluating R40 Above Grade Walls for a Production Built Zero Energy House - John Broniek, Kevin Brozyna & Dave Stecher, IBACOS Inc., Pittsburgh, PA.  Presentation | Papers
  • EE6-5 Practical Residential Wall Systems: R-30 and beyond - William Zoeller, Lois B. Arena, Robb A. Aldrich, Steven Winter Associates, Inc. Norwalk, CT  Presentation | Papers

WB6 Airtightness of Buildings (7:45 AM–10:00 AM)
Airtightness of Buildings - Chair: Gary Proskiw, Proskiw Engineering Ltd

  • WB6-1 Air leakage Difficulties in Measurement and Energy Simulation - M.B. Waite and S.M. O'Brien SGH  Presentation | Papers
  • WB6-2 Evaluating the Field Performance of Windows and Curtain Walls of Large Buildings - Mario D.Gonçalves, Patenaude-Trempe, and Robert Jutras, Air-Ins Inc., Montreal GC  Presentation | Papers
  • WB6-3 Airtightness Measurements of Wood Frame Low Energy Row Housing, Sverre B. Holøs, SINTEF and Thor- Oskar Relander, Norweigian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway  Presentation | Papers
  • WB6-4 Air Barrier Assembly Testing to Replicate Real World Conditions- Craig Boucher, WR Grace, Cambridge, MA  Presentation | Papers
  • WB6-5 Successful Implementation of Air Tightness Requirements in Residential Buildings - Bruce D Nelson, Minnesota Department of Commerce, Office of Energy Security, St. Paul, Minnesota  Presentation | Papers

Break (10:00 AM–10:25 AM)

EE7 Daylighting (10:25 AM–11:45 AM)
Daylighting - Chair: Richard Keleher, The Thompson & Lichtner Company

  • EE7-1 The Daylighting Design Process - Keith J. Yancey, Lam Partners, Cambridge, MA  Presentation | Papers
  • EE7-2 (Day)lighting the Way to Zero Net Energy - James R. Benya, Benya Lighting Design, Portland, OR  Presentation | Papers
  • EE7-3 Daylighting of a New England Elementary School - Michael Rosenfeld, FAIA  Presentation | Papers

WB7 Wall-Window Interface: Air and Water Control (10:25 AM–11:45 AM)
Wall-window interface: Air and Water Control - Chair: Karol Kazmierczak, Morrison Hershfield

  • WB7-1 A Comparison of the Water Tightness Performance of Window Installation Details- Michael Lacasse, Wahid Maref, IRC, Ottawa, ON  Presentation
  • WB7-2 Eliminating the Potential for Air and Moisture Infiltration at the Window-Wall Interface - Peter Poirier, Tremco Glazing Solutions Group, Ashland, OH, and Brian Stroik, Oscar J. Boldt Construction, Waukesha, WI  Presentation | Papers
  • WB7-3 Observations Regarding Window Testing and Failures - R. G. Morse and P.E. Haas, Morse Zehnter Associates, Troy, NY  Presentation

Lunch (11:45 AM–12:35 PM)

EE8 Design and Energy Efficiency (1:00 PM–2:10 PM)
Design & Energy Efficiency

  • EE8-1 Troubleshooting During Design - Mark Lawton, Morrison Hershfield Limited, Vancouver, BC  Papers

WB8 Moisture Measurement (1:00 PM–2:10 PM)
Moisture Measurement

  • WB8-1 Moisture Measurements in Wood - Chris Schumacher, Building Science Corp, Waterloo ON., Don Onysko, DMO Associates, Ottawa, ON. and Peter Garrahan, FPInnovations, Forintek Division, Ottawa, ON
  • WB8-2 A Method to Detect Roof Leaks Using Conductive Tapes - David Vokey, DETEC Systems, Tacoma WA  Presentation | Papers

Break (2:10 PM–2:30 PM)

EE9 Innovative Materials (2:30 PM–4:30 PM)
Innovative materials - Chair: David Yarbrough , R&D Services

  • EE9-1 Bio-fiber Insulation Batts and Boards - Mark Bomberg, TI Research, Ottawa, ON and George Chrenka, Cellulose Material Solutions, Grand Rapids, MI  Presentation | Papers
  • EE9-2 Applying Lessons from Clay Brick Veneer to Design of Stucco Mixes - Marcin Pazera, SGH, Rockville, MD and Mark Bomberg, TI Research, Ottawa, ON  Presentation | Papers
  • EE9-3 Performance of Glass-Fiber Lath as a Base with Exterior Cement Plaster (Stucco) - William F. Egan and Eric Auman, BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC - Wall Systems, Jacksonville, FL  Presentation | Papers
  • EE9-4 OSB with Integral WRB - Thomas Thorsell and M. Bomberg , Syracuse U, Syracuse, NY  Presentation | Papers

WB9 Fenestration 1 (2:30 PM–4:30 PM)
Fenestration 1 - Chair: Stanley Yee, Facade Group

  • WB9-1 Electrochromic glass- the next generation is here - Helen Sanders and Louis Podbelski, SAGE  Presentation | Papers
  • WB9-2 Selecting the Ideal windows for a High Performance Home in a Cold Climate - Ari Rapport, IBACOS Inc.  Presentation | Papers
  • WB9-3 Window Optimization in High-Performance Commercial Buildings - Kerry Haglund, Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  Presentation | Papers
  • WB9-4 Developing The Next Three Generations of Zero-Energy Windows, Brandon Tinianov, Serious Materials, Sunnyvale, CA  Presentation | Papers

P10 Plenary (4:50 PM–6:30 PM)
Peter Ryan moderator Afternoon Plenary

  • P10-1 Joseph W. Lstiburek - Adventures in Building Science

April 14, 2010 - Conference day 3: Wednesday

Registration (7:00 AM–9:00 AM)

Continental Breakfast (7:00 AM–7:45 AM)

EE11 System Performance (7:45 AM–9:45 AM)
System Performance - Chair: Joseph J. Deringer, Inst. For the Sustainable Performance of Buildings

  • EE11-1 Inherent risk of going green - Graham H. Davis, IBACOS, Colorado Springs, CO  Presentation | Papers
  • EE11-2 Proposed Building Envelope Criteria for ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2010 - John Hogan, Seattle Department of Planning and Development, Seattle, WA  Presentation | Papers
  • EE11-3 Moisture-Safe Unvented Wood Roof Systems - J. Straube, (U. of Waterloo and Building Science Corporation, Waterloo), Jon Smegal (BSC, Westford), John Smith (Johns Manville, Denver)  Presentation | Papers
  • EE11-4 Pressure Moderated Precast Rainscreen - A. Levy, G. Finch and N. Portal, RDH Building Engineering, Vancouver, BC  Presentation | Papers

WB11 Material Performance (7:45 AM–9:45 AM)
Material performance - Chair and panel lead: Roger G. Morse, Morse Zehnter Associates

  • WB11-1 Osmotic Pressure and Blistering of Cold-Applied Asphaltic Urethane Waterproofing - Brian Hubbs, Graham Finch, RDH Building Engineering, Vancouver, BC, Robert Bombino, RDH Building Sciences, Seattle, WA  Presentation | Papers
  • WB11-2 Restoration and Repair of Spray Urethane Foam Defects - Roger G. Morse
  • WB11-3 Observed Roof Failures Due to Hurricane Winds - Lessons Learned, Roger G. Morse
  • WB11-4 Developing an Owners Manual - Roger G. Morse

Break (9:45 AM–10:10 AM)

EE12 HVAC and Interaction with Building Enclosure (10:10 AM–11:50 AM)
HVAC and Interaction with Building Enclosure - Chair: Lew Harriman, Mason-Grant

  • EE12-1 Introduction to DBZ Concepts - Presentation,, R.C. Richman, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON  Presentation
  • EE12-2 Using Solar Dynamic Buffer Zone Walls to Increase Performance of Air Source Heat Pumps in Cold Climates - C. Cianfrone, Morrison Hershfield Limited, R.C. Richman, Ryerson University. and K.D. Pressnail, University of Toronto  Presentation | Papers
  • EE12-3 Monitoring Internal Moisture Loads in Residential Buildings - Research Design and Early Findings - Lois B. Arena, Steven Winters Associates, Inc., and Michael D. Blanford, U.S. Department of Urban Housing and Development  Presentation | Papers

WB12 Hygrothermal Considerations (10:10 AM–11:50 AM)
Hygrothermal considerations - Chair and panel lead: Paul Totten, SGH

  • WB12-1 Moisture Intrusion through a Cavity Wall with Fill Insulation - R.G. Morse, S.M. Lattanzio, Morse Zehnter Associates, Troy, NY  Presentation | Papers
  • WB12-2 Thermal and Hygrothermal Analysis in Building Envelope Commissioning - Philip Parker, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd and Cara Lozinsky, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada  Presentation | Papers

Lunch (11:50 AM–12:45 PM)

EE13 Energy Efficiency 2 (12:45 PM–3:05 PM)
Energy Efficiency 2 - Chair: William Nash, Whitlock Dalrymple Poston & Associates, P.C.

  • EE13-1 High R Wall Systems - John Straube and Jonathan Smegal, Building Science Corp., Waterloo, ON  Papers
  • EE13-2 Stucco Failures and Remediation - Roger G. Morse, Paul E. Haas, Morse Zehnter Associates, Troy, NY  Presentation | Papers
  • EE13-3 Improving Building Enclosures: Thermal Performance as a Goal of Energy Efficiency - Paul Totten & Marcin Pazera, SGH  Papers
  • EE13-4 Field Monitoring of Hygrothermal Response of Wood-Frame Walls with Exterior Insulation - Wahid Maref, Marianne Armstrong, Madeleine Rousseau and William Lei, National Research Council Canada  Papers

WB13 Strategic Issues in Building Design (12:45 PM–3:05 PM)
Strategic Issues in Building Design - Chair: Brian Stroik, Oscar J. Boldt Construction

  • WB13-1 Thermographic Assessment Specification Requirements for Commissioning and Building Condition Applications, Antonio Colantonio & Michel Theauvette, Public Works & Gov't Services Canada, Gatineau, QC  Presentation | Papers
  • WB13-2 Energy Efficient Architectural Design Strategies in Hot-Dry Area of Iran: Kashan - Kamyar T. Behbood, Mohammad Taleghani, and Shahin Heydari, Faculty of Architecture, University of Tehran, IRAN  Papers
  • WB13-3 Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner Operator: Phase 1 (AECOO-1) Joint Testbed - Deke Smith, buildingSMART alliance, NIBS  Presentation
  • WB13-4 Decision-making Methodology & Selection Tools for High Performance Window Systems in U.S. Climates - Kerry Haglund, Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN  Presentation | Papers
  • WB13-5 A Journey in Integrated Design - Ketchum Hall in U of Colorado- Linda Morrison, Ambient Energy; Melanie Short, SLATERPAULL Architects; and Michael Kaufman, Ambient Energy, Denver, CO  Presentation | Papers
  • WB13-6 Design Communication with BIM: What the Drawings Are Not Telling You - J. Williams, Rogers-O'Brian Construction

Break (3:05 PM–3:30 PM)

EE14 Commissioning (3:30 PM–5:50 PM)
Commissioning - Chair and moderator: Mark Bomberg , Syracuse University

  • EE14-1 The Ultimate Envelope - Honest, Effective and Affordable - Keirnyn Ross, Marc Zuluaga, Mike Khazzam, Steven Winters Associates, Inc  Papers
  • EE14-2 Functional Performance Testing within the BE Commissioning - Kevin D. Knight , John A. Runkle, Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA, .Bryan J. Boyle, Retro-Specs Consultants Ltd., Winnipeg, MB  
  • EE14 3&4 Commissioning the Building Enclosure - Brian Stroik, Oscar J. Boldt Construction, Waukesha WI  Papers | Papers
  • EE14-5 Commissioning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Stroik, Mathis, Totten, Pazera, Runkle & Aldous  Presentation

WB14 Fenestration 2 (3:30 PM–5:50 PM)
Fenestration 2 - Chair: Stanley Yee, Facade Group

  • WB14-1 Solar Radiation Glazing Factors for Electrochromic Windows for Building Applications - Bjørn P. Jelle, SINTEF, and Arild Gustavsen, Norwegian University, Trondheim, Norway  Presentation | Papers
  • WB14-2 Considerations for Condensation Resistance of Fenestration Assemblies - Tracy Rogers, Edgetech IG, Inc., Cambridge, OH  Presentation | Papers
  • WB14-3 Comparisons of Thermal Performance and Energy Consumption of Facades Used in Commercial Buildings - Lawrence D. Carbary, Dow Corning Corp, Midland, MI; Valerie Hayez, Seneffe, Belgium, and Andreas Wolf, Mahabir Bhandari, Wiesbaden, Germany  Papers

P15 Plenary (5:50 PM–6:10 PM)
Closure - Closure and announcement of BEST 3 conference - Chair Larry Ray, BEC Atlanta

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