Building Enclosure Science & Technology (BEST1) Conference
BEST1 Conference

Building for Energy Efficiency and Durability at the Crossroads

June 10-12, 2008
Minneapolis, MN

The first biennial international conference on Building Enclosure Science and Technology took place at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN on June 10-12, 2008 hosted by Building Enclosure Council BEC-Minnesota. Future conferences will be hosted by other Building Enclosure Councils in the US and will be held on alternating years to the Canadian NBEC conferences, to allow collaboration between the US and Canadian building communities.

BEST1 was organized by BETEC's BEC-National Research Coordinating Committee (RCC) with the collaboration of:

  • Heat Air and Moisture RCC
  • Fenestration RCC
  • BEC Minnesota

The conference is carrying out BETEC's mission in exploring the advancement of the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the durability of buildings as affected by moisture and the indoor environment.

Program & Presentations

The presentations below are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. PDF

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Minneapolis Convention Center


Tuesday Afternoon
Welcome: 1:30pm

Introduction by Conference Host Chair, Judd Peterson (BEC-Minnesota)
Invited Speaker: Mayor of Minneapolis - R.T. Rybak

Introductions: 1:50pm
Introduction by BEST1 Organizing Committee Chair: Rob Kistler (BEC-Portland)
Introduction to the Bugs, Mold and Rot (M Sessions): Don Onysko*  Presentation
Introduction to the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (E Sessions): Mark Bomberg*  Presentation
Introduction to Fenestration sessions (F Sessions): Herb Yudenfriend*

* Track chairs

Sessions: 2:30pm–5:30pm
Measurement and Interpretation of Moisture in the Field: Donald Onysko, Chris Schumacher (M2)
Commissioning, A Process from Design to Occupancy: Kevin Knight (E2)

Tuesday Evening
RECEPTION (Minneapolis Convention Center/The Seasons): 5:00pm–7:30pm

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Plenary Speaker: 8:00am–8:30am
Introductions and Welcome from BETEC: Wagdy Anis, BETEC Chairman
The NIBS/AIA Partnership: David Harris, NIBS President

Sessions: 8:30am–10:30am
Indoor Environment and Health Effects: Hans Schleibinger (M4)
Energy-Design and Optimization in Houses: Mark Bomberg (E4)

BREAK: 10:30am–10:55am

Sessions: 10:55am–12:25pm
Healthy Homes: Slade Smith (M5)
Research at Tampere University of Technology (Finland): Juha Vinha (E5)

LUNCH (provided): 12:25pm–1:10pm

Wednesday Afternoon
Plenary Speaker: 1:10pm–1:55pm

Trouble shooting envelope performance during architectural design: Mark Lawton

Sessions: 2:00pm–3:45pm
Foundations: Patrick Huelman (M7)
Thermal Performance of Building Enclosures: David Yarborough (E7)

BREAK: 3:45pm–4:10pm

Sessions: 4:10pm–5:55pm
Glass is a solution, not a problem: Stanley Yee (F8)
Building as a System: Vince Cammalleri (E8)

Wednesday Evening

Plenary Speaker: 7:00pm–8:00pm
Perspectives on energy security, warming and buildings: John Straube

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Plenary Speaker: 8:00am–9:15am
Five fundamental changes to the way we build: Joseph Lstiburek

BREAK: 9:15am–9:40am

Sessions: 9:40am–11:55am
Cladding - Managing moisture: Donald Onysko (M11)
Air flows and the Building Enclosure: Rob Kistler (E11)

LUNCH (provided): 11:55am–12:40pm

Thursday Afternoon
Plenary Speaker: 12:40pm–1:40pm

Fenestration Solutions for Zero Energy Buildings: Steve Selkowitz

BREAK: 1:40pm–1:55pm

Sessions: 1:55pm–4:40pm
Panel on Interior Rehabilitation: Mark Bomberg (E13)
Glass Matters: Herb Yudenfriend (F13)

Conference Summary: 4:40pm–5:00pm
Overall Summary of Symposium: Wagdy Anis (BETEC Chairman)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2:30pm - 5:30pm

M2: Measurement and Interpretation of Moisture in the Field
Chaired by Donald Onysko and Chris Schumacher

  • M2-1 Detection of Moisture and Water Intrusion within Building Envelopes by Means of Interior and Exterior Thermographic Inspections - Tony Colantino  Paper | Presentation
  • M2-2 Practical Aspects of Locating and Measuring Moisture in Buildings - Lew Harriman  Paper | Presentation
  • M2-3 Moisture Contents of Wood Building Products and In-Situ Testing - Garth Hall & Sara Flock  Paper | Presentation
  • M2-4 Laboratory Calibration and Field Results of Wood Resistance Humidity Sensors - Kohta Ueno, John Straube  Paper | Presentation
  • M2-5 Field Measurement of Moisture in Building Materials and Assemblies - Donald Onysko, Chris Schumacher, Peter Garrahan  Paper | Presentation

E2: Commissioning - A Process from Design to Occupancy
Chaired by Kevin Knight

  • E2-1 Case Introduction of an Architect - Wagdy Anis
  • E2-2 Case as seen by an Engineering Consultant - Kevin Knight
  • E2-3 Case as seen by a Contractor - Brian Stroik
  • E2-4 Case as seen by a Testing Expert - Dan Braunv
  • E2-5 Emerging Trends in BE Commissioning - Scott R. Armstrong  Paper
  • E2-6 Building Enclosure Commissioning Process - Paul E. Totten  Paper
  • E2-7 Quality Assurance and Commissioning Process in High Environmental Performance (HEP) House in NY State - Terry Brennan, Mark Bomberg, Hugh Henderson, Kevin Stack  Paper

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

8:30am - 10:30am

M4: Indoor Environment and Health Effects
Chaired by Hans Schleibinger

  • M4-1 Moisture and Biodeterioration Risk of Building Materials and Structure - Hannu Viitanen, Tuomo Ojanen  Paper | Presentation
  • M4-2 Housing Conditions, Mold and Respiratory Health - Dimos Polyzois, Eleoussa Polyzio and John A. Wells  Paper
  • M4-3 Ventilation Distribution Coeffi cients - Joseph Lstiburek M4-4 Forensic Investigations of Mold Growth in Buildings - Philip Morey (Clifford W. Davis)
  • M4-4 Forenisic Investigations of Mold Growth in Buildings - Philip Morey (Clifford W. Davis)

E4: Energy - Design and Optimization in Houses
Chaired by Mark Bomberg

  • E4-0 Introduction to Panel Discussion - Mark Bomberg, Thomas Thorsell  Paper | Presentation
  • E4-1 Energy Performance R-value - Part 1: Development of Integrated Evaluation Methodology for Building Enclosures - Mark Bomberg, Thomas Thorsell  Paper | Presentation
  • E4-2 Energy Performance R-value - Part 2: Examples of Application to Residential Walls - Thomas Thorsell, Mark Bomberg  Paper | Presentation
  • E4-3 Energy Performance R-value - Part 3: Examples of Application to Commercial Walls - Thomas Thorsell, Mark Bomberg  Paper | Presentation
  • E4-4 Practical Considerations in the Design of Panelized System with Continuous Exterior Thermal Insulation on Walls - Mark J. Klos  Paper
  • E4-5 The Next Generation of Energy Efficient Building Design: Where are we and where should we be going - Sean M. Wagner, Paul C. N. Mellblom  Paper | Presentation
  • E4-6 Panel Discussion (All Speakers)

10:55am - 12:25pm

M5: Healthy Homes
Chaired by Slade Smith

  • M5-1 Fungi in the Built Environment - Jeffrey Hicks, Rachel DeGuzman  Paper
  • M5-2 Financial Incentives and Risk Management Under Consideration for High Performance Construction - Charles Perry Presentation
  • M5-3 1600 Guaranteed Performance Affordable Homes - Johnathan Coulter  Paper | Presentation
  • M5-4 High Performance Intervention Houses in North Carolina - An Attempt to Control Indoor Relative Humidity at 50% Year Round - Melissa Malkin-Weber, Jonathan Coulter  Paper | Presentation
  • M5-5 An Inherently Healthier Home? Investigating a Package of Ventilation, Dehumidification and Filtration in High Performance Housing - Melissa Malkin-Weber, Jonathan Coulter, Ben Hannas, Adam Stetten, Kristina Bobo  Paper | Presentation

E5: Research at Tampere University of Technology
Chaired by Juha Vinha

  • E5-1 Analysis Method of Determining Sufficient Vapour Retarder for Wood Frame Walls - Juha Vinha  Paper | Presentation
  • E5-2 Factors Affecting Energy Consumption in Buildings - Ralf Lindberg, Minna Korpi  Paper | Presentation
  • E5-3 A Comparison of Measured and Simulated Air Pressure Conditions in a Detached House in a Cold Climate - Juha Jokisalo, Targo Kalamees, Jarek Kurnitski, Lari Eskola, Kai Jokiranta, Juha Vinha  Paper | Presentation

2:00pm - 3:45pm

M7: Foundations
Chaired by Patrick Huelman

  • M7-1 Liabilities of Vented Crawl Spaces, Their Impacts on Indoor Air Quality in Southeastern U.S. Houses and One Intervention Strategy - Jonathan Coulter, Bruce Davis, Cyrus Dastur, Melissa Malkin-Weber, Tracy Dixon  Paper
  • M7-2 Microbiological Aspects of Slab on ground Structures - Virpi Leivo, Jukka Rantala  Paper
  • M7-3 Primary Failure Mechanisms and Long-Term Performance of a Remediated Crawl Space in a Large Building - S. Figley, D. Figley, D. Fuger  Paper
  • M7-4 Sodium Polyborate-based Additives on Recycled Cellulose Insulation Kill or Prevent Germination of Common Indoor Fungi - Jose Herrera  Paper

E7: Thermal Performance of Building Enclosures
Chaired by David Yarbrough

  • E7-1 Use of PCM Enhanced Insulation in the Building Envelope - Jan Kosny, David W. Yarbrough, William A. Miller  Paper | Presentation
  • E7-2 Real R-Value of Exterior Insulated Wall Assemblies - Mark Lawton, Patrick Roppel, David Fookes, Anik Teasdale St. Hilaire, Daniel Schoonhoven  Paper | Presentation
  • E7-3 The Development of an Advanced Panelized Residential Roof System - J.C Carmody, G.E. Mosiman, J. H. Davidson, S. C. Mantell  Paper | Presentation

4:10pm - 5:55pm

F8: Glass is a Solution, Not a Problem
Chaired by Stanley Yee

  • F8-1 Nanotechnologies Expand Glazing Options and the Complexity of Specifications - Henry Chamberlain  Paper
  • F8-2 The Middle Path - Providing Visual and Thermal Comfort with Fenestration - Joseph Deringer
  • F8-3 The Glass Industry Approach to Global Megatrends: A Fusion of Macro-, Micro- and Nano-Technologies for Next Generation Products - James J. Finley  Paper
  • F8-4 Bomb Blast Resistant Glazing: Testing and Standards - Valerie Block  Paper

E8: Building Enclosure in Magnifying Glass
Chaired by Vince Cammalleri

  • E8-1 The Effects of Thermal Bridging at Interface Conditions - Paul E. Totten, Sean M. O'Brien, Marcin Pazera  Paper
  • E8-2 The Roof-to-Wall Interface: Designing for Optimum Performance - Joseph J. Godfryt, Fiona Aldous  Paper
  • E8-3 Testing the Performance of the Building Enclosure - Fiona Aldous, Joseph J. Godfryt

Thursday, June 12, 2008

9:40am - 11:55am

M11: Cladding - Managing Moisture
Chaired by Donald Onysko

  • M11-1 Detailing Measures for Moisture Management in Energy Efficient Demonstration Homes - Neil Leslie  Paper | Presentation
  • M11-2 Field Monitoring of the Hygrothermal Performance of a New Class of EIFS Walls - Achilles Karagiozis, John Edgar  Paper
  • M11-3 Insulation Retrofits to Address Wall/Ceiling Moisture Damage - William B. Rose, Jeffrey R. Gordon  Paper | Presentation
  • M11-4 Laboratory Testing of the Drainage and Drying Capability of EIFS and other Cladding Systems - Donald Onysko, Constance Thivierge, Silvio Plescia, Barry Craig  Paper | Presentation

E11: Performance of the Building Enclosure
Chaired by Rob Kistler

  • E11-1 Innovative Approach of Integrated Building Enclosure and HVAC Systems Modeling to Improve Building Energy Efficient Design - Pongsak Chaisuparasmikul  Paper | Presentation
  • E11-2 Could a European Super Energy Effi cient Standard be Suitable for the United States? - John Broniek  Paper | Presentation
  • E11-3 The Solar Dynamic Buffer Zone (SDBZ) Curtain Wall: Theory, Validations and Case Studies - R. C. Richman, K. D. Pressnail  Paper
  • E11-4 An Examination of Air Pressure and Air Movement Patterns in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings - Gary Proskiw, Bert Phillips  Paper | Presentation
  • E11-5 Air Barriers vs. Vapor Barriers - Roger G. Morse, Stephen M. Lattanzio, Paul Haas, Gordon A. Brandon, Brian Crowder  Paper | Presentation
  • E11-6 Thermal Comfort Performance: Field Investigation of a Residential Forced-Air Heating and Cooling System with High Sidewall Supply Air Outlets - William D. Rittelmann  Paper | Presentation

1:55pm - 4:40pm

E13: Panel on Interior Rehabilitation
Panel moderator, Mark Bomberg

  • E13-0 Introduction to Panel Discussion - Interior Rehabilitation - Mark Bomberg
  • E13-1 Controlling Interstitial Pressure Fields - Joseph W. Lstiburek
  • E13-2 Energetical Renovation of Historical Buildings by Means of Capillary Active Inside Insulation - Peter Haupl (in abstentia)  Paper
  • E13-3 Control of Air Infiltration is a Key Component in Rehabilitation of Buildings - Steve Tratt, Tony Woods  Paper
  • E13-4 Panel Discussion - All Speakers

F13: Glass Matters
Chaired by Herbert Yudenfriend

  • F13-1 Rating the Energy Performance of Fenestration Systems in Commercial Buildings - a New Approach - Raymond McGowan  Paper
  • F13-2 A Window on the Future: Fenestration Fundamentals, Regulation, Comfort and Carbon - James Larsen, Steve Johnson, R. Christopher Mathis Presentation

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