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Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences (JNIBS)

The Institute began publishing the bi-monthly Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences (JNIBS) in June 2013, through a relationship with Stamats Commercial Buildings Group. Two yearly issues, to be published in August and February, will focus primarily on building enclosure design. The remaining four issues will cover topics related to building enclosure design. JNIBS is a free subscription. To view the latest issue of JNIBS, subscribe now.

Building Envelope Design Guide (BEDG)

The Institute under guidance from the Federal Envelope Advisory Committee has developed this comprehensive guide for exterior envelope design and construction for institutional / office buildings. The BEDG is continually being improved and updated through the Building Enclosure Councils (BECs) and is located on the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG).

Other Publications and Reports

NIBS Guideline 3-2012 Building Enclosure Commissioning Process BECx PDF

Establish a BEC Chapter

If your city/region does not have a Building Enclosure Council (BEC) Chapter, consider establishing one. Each BEC is:

  • An interdisciplinary forum for architects, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, contractors, educators, etc. to address matters concerning building enclosures.
  • A component activity of the local or state American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chapter cooperating with the National AIA, the National Institute of Building Sciences (Institute) and its Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC), consistent with the rules of the local AIA component.
  • An autonomous profit center of the local AIA component.

Each BEC has:

  • A local leadership group of 5-11 members.
  • Officers, including a Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair elect, Secretary, and Treasurer (perhaps).
  • A Chair who serves for two years.
  • A charter that conforms to the AIA/Institute agreement, subject to AIA and Institute approval.

BEC Chairs (or delegates) will serve as:

  • Liaisons to BETEC for all matters (notes, newsletter, dues, national and local events/activities, and issues of national significance).
  • Ex-officio members on the BETEC Board.

Intellectual Property

Each BEC will:

  • Secure copyright to intellectual property in the name of the AIA local component.
  • Agree to transfer or license copyright to the Institute and AIA National.

BEC National and AIA

The coordinating committee, known as BEC-National, serves as a liaison between AIA, the Institute and its BETEC.

  • BEC-National consists of Council Chairs from each of the BEC Chapters.
  • BEC-National coordinates with BEC Chapters on information related to the website, newsletter, etc.
  • National AIA assists with marketing symposia, subject to funding.
  • Logos of the Institute, BETEC and AIA can be used when identifying BECs as: "A Committee of AIA-[City], cooperating with the AIA, NIBS and BETEC".

Contact a Council Chair for more information.

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