Academy for Healthcare Infrastructure

Academy for Healthcare Infrastructure

About the Academy

Affordable, quality healthcare is essential to sustaining a vibrant society. Yet, the American healthcare industry is facing overwhelming uncertainty in almost every segment. The National Institute of Building Sciences established the Academy for Healthcare Infrastructure (AHI) in 2013 as a collaborative research program to bring leading healthcare professionals together to address industry challenges at a national level. The Academy has been formulated to utilize the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, thereby breaking traditional professional boundaries. It is designed to result in dramatic innovations in the creation, management and re-purposing of healthcare infrastructure. The challenge of AHI is to materially improve the processes used to create and maintain the incredibly complex built environment required to effectively support America's healthcare mission.

The Academy serves as a collaborative network, bringing groups of leading professionals together to explore large, comprehensive ideas. Interdisciplinary Research Teams consisting of small groups are organized around highly focused missions to address specific problems. These Academy Teams will work on a number of specific goals, such as: identifying current best practices in a variety of categories; envisioning the future of the healthcare infrastructure industry in a variety of categories; engaging appropriate industry leaders to develop new approaches for solving critical problems; and determining how best to efficiently disseminate the findings of the AHI Teams to the industry, as well as publishing critical industry performance metrics.


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