Women Executives in Building: Virtual Leadership Series

Women in trades are daring the rest of us to confront stereotypes that are still holding women back. Powerful women defying the odds in a predominantly male industry need to be aligned to increase awareness of labor shortages and lack of diversity. Most importantly we must come together to reach a more diverse audience, including the young women and girls who may not consider this as a career path.

Now, in these challenging and unprecedented times, women executives in the built environment must come together, support each other and share our thoughts and ideas on how we are providing value. Many are working from home and not just working from home but for those with families, we are managing and keeping teams inspired and motivated while also running households, home schooling children, and trying to maintain our mental health.

We invite women in the c-suite in the built environment to come together to share ideas, challenges and solutions to current issues. These monthly small group virtual meetings will take place leading up to the the second annual Women Executives in Building Summit, (May 5-6, 2020 in Nashville, TN).

Session 1

Productivity: Serving your Respective Customers in a time of Crisis


Session 2

Workforce Development: Current Strategies that Will Help Increase Diversity and Inclusion


Session 3

How Do You Hold It Together? Share Your Secret to Balancing Work and Life Outside of the Office


Session 4

Advancing Women to Achieve Parity in Leadership 


Session 5

Details coming soon 


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