COBie Task Group

COBie Task Group (CTG)

The mission of the Alliance Construction-to-Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) Task Group (CTG) is to exercise stewardship of the Construction‐to‐Operations Information Exchange Model View Definition (MVD) and data schema. The Task Group fulfills this mission in three ways:

  • ongoing technical development of COBie to meet AECOO industry needs
  • supporting the process of incorporating successive versions of COBie in the National BIM Standard – United States® (NBIMS-US™)
  • promoting the adoption and implementation of COBie by the building industry

The CTG will develop will develop and maintain an annual operational plan which outlines the activities and specific projects to be pursued within the next year to include quarterly milestones with deliverables along with any resources required to achieve the CTG goals.


Michael Tardif
Building Informatics
Vice Chair
Haines, Brian
Meehan, TJ
CADD Microsystems
ISS Liaison
Anderson, Robert
Vectorworks, Inc


Brodt, William National Aeronautics and Space Administration Member
Carrasquillo, Mariangelica U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Engineering and Construction
Chobot, Marty Invicara Pte Ltd Member
Dalbert, Thomas Onuma, Inc. Alternate
East, Bill Prairie Sky Consulting Member
Gran, Danielle Kristine Fallon Associates, Inc. Member
Gude, Ortez Corvado Member
Henderson, Lamar Member
Jaramillo, Ivan Autodesk, Inc. Alternate
Joels, Kerry Kerry Joels Member
Kim , Yong Ku Onuma, Inc. Alternate
Mencarini, Robert Building Informatics Alternate
Mies, Chuck Autodesk, Inc. Alternate
Moore, Frank Autodesk, Inc. Alternate
Nisbet, Nicholas buildingSMART UK&l;I Member
Onuma, Kimon Onuma, Inc. Member
Peterson, Brad ARCHIBUS, Inc. Member
Powell, Ross TMA Systems Member
Shirey, Don Bentley Systems, Inc. Alternate
Smith, Andy Bentley Systems, Inc. Member
Starkov, Igor EcoDomus Member
Stefanidakis Sr., Nick ARCHIBUS, Inc. Alternate
Sullivan, John Autodesk, Inc. Member
Taylor, Reginald U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Member
Tobias, Brandon U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Engineering and Construction
Wang, Grace Howard Hughes Medical Institute Member
Watson, James Watson, James Member
Whittaker, Jim Facility Engineering Associated, PC Member
Willette, Michael ARCHIBUS, Inc. Alternate
Wood, Doug IBM Member

For More Information Contact

Michael Tardif
Chair, COBie Task Group
Building Informatics

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