Consultative Council - 2015 Request for Building Industry Issues and Challenges

2015 Request for Building Industry Issues and Challenges

Annually, the National Institute of Building Sciences provides a report to the President and Congress which includes findings and recommendations on issues and opportunities before the building community. The report, which is identified in the Institute's enabling legislation and authored by the Consultative Council, allows the building industry to express collectively the most pressing issues or greatest opportunities to advance the built environment. Past reports are available here.

In the interest of capturing the widest possible spectrum of issues and ideas, the Council is soliciting input from the industry at large. Utilizing the form below, the Council requests input from individuals and organizations on important challenges and opportunities before the building community. Issues and associated recommendations may be focused on the industry in general or on specific priority areas. Focus on actions that should be taken by the industry itself or policymakers (primarily at the federal level, but also how federal policy can help drive state and local policies).

For potential inclusion in the 2015 Report of the Consultative Council, submissions must be received by May 15. You may submit multiple comments, but please provide only one per form to allow proper consideration. Please avoid submissions focused on proprietary products. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required. Hover over underlined fields to get a more detailed description.

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