Building Seismic Safety Council 2015 Colloquium

2015 BSSC Colloquium Presentations

The National Institute of Building Sciences Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) presented the BSSC Colloquium to describe key outcomes, major updates, and future research needs from the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) 2015 Provisions update process. Titled “Seismic Design Technology for New Buildings — the 2015 NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions for New Buildings and Other Structures (FEMA P-1050),” the event was held February 11, 2015, in Burlingame, California. A total of 90 attendees registered to participate, including professionals from the structural engineering community and members of the BSSC.


Under the sponsorship of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), BSSC administers an ongoing consensus-based process of updating and maintaining the NEHRP Recommended Provisions for New Buildings and Other Structures. The NEHRP Recommended Provisions and its Commentary embody the state-of-knowledge criteria for design and construction of new buildings subject to earthquake hazards. The new knowledge and technologies contained in this resource document are diffused into the model building codes developed by the International Code Council (ICC) and several national standards, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) ASCE/SEI-7 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.


The BSSC Colloquium program included 15 presentations on the development of the Provisions; major changes from the previous edition of the Provisions; and key topics that explain new technologies, why changes occurred, how they will affect structures to be built and future research issues. A link to each presentation is provided below within the colloquium program by clicking on the presentation title.


8:30 – 8:40 am

Jim. Sealy, Jim. Sealy Architect, and Chairman of the BSSC Board of Direction

8:40 – 8:50 am

Message from FEMA
Mai Tong, Federal Emergency Management Agency

8:50 – 9:20 am

Introduction to the 2015 NEHRP Provisions
David Bonneville, Degenkolb Engineers, and Chairman of the Provisions Update Committee

9:20 – 9:50 am

Intent of the Provisions and Performance Measurement
Jim Harris, Structural Engineers Association of Colorado

9:50 –10:20 am

New USGS Hazard Maps and the NEHRP Design Maps
Nico Luco, U.S. Geological Survey

10:20 – 10:35 am


10:35 – 11:05 am

New Site Soil Factors
C. B. Crouse, URS Corporation

11:05 – 11:35 am

Site Specific Design Requirements and Parameters
Charles Kircher, Charles Kircher & Associates

11:35 am – 12:05 pm

Seismic Qualification of New Systems and Components Based on FEMA P-695 and P-795 Methodologies
Ron Hamburger, Simpson Gumpertz and Heger

12:05 – 1:20 pm


1:20 – 1:50 pm

Diaphragm Design
S.K. Ghosh, S.K. Ghosh Associates

1:50 – 2:20 pm

Rigid Wall/Flexible Diaphragms
Dominic Kelly, Simpson Gumpertz and Heger

2:20 – 2:50 pm

Response History Analysis (Chapter 16)
Curt Haselton, Department of Civil Engineering, California State University, Chico

2:50 – 3:10 pm

Base Isolation (Chapter 17) & Damping Systems (Chapter 18)
Martin Button, Button Engineering

3:10 – 3:25 pm


3:25 – 3:45 pm

Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) (Chapter 19)
Robert Pekelnicky, Degenkolb Engineers

3:45 – 4:05 pm

Strength-Based Foundation Design
Martin Johnson, ABS Consulting

4:05 – 4:25 pm

Foundations on Liquefiable Sites
Robert Bachman, RE Bachman Consulting Engineers

4:25 – 4:45 pm

Modal Response Spectrum Analysis
Jim Malley, Degenkolb Engineers

4:45 – 5:05 pm

Simplified Seismic Design for SDC B
John Hooper, Magnusson Klemencic Associates

5:05 – 5:45 pm


5:45 pm

Jim. Sealy

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Philip Schneider, Executive Director of BSSC, at or call 202-289-7800.

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