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Healthcare BIM Consortium

ORGANIZATION: Department of Defense Military Health System (DoD MHS), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Kaiser Permanente (KP), and Sutter Health

Gary Fischer
(202) 632-4898

#1 Space Program for Design (PFD) Gary Fischer & John Gallagher
#2 Equipment (Medical & Furniture) Abeer Haddad & Dan Wilson
#3 Execution:  RFP Development Digby Christian & Samir Emdanat
#4 CMMS/CAFM (e.g. Real Property) Renee Tietjen
#5 CMMS Medical Equipment Abeer Haddad


Mission Statement

The Healthcare BIMConsortium (HBC) has been created by healthcare owners as a forum for collaboration with our industry partners (software vendors, designers, builders and specialty consultants) in support of improved data interoperability for Facility Life Cycle Management (FLCM).


  1. Clearly articulate the role and importance of BIM in Healthcare Facility Life Cycle Management (FLCM).
  2. To leverage the potential of BIM to eliminate inefficiencies in the way healthcare assets are currenlty planned, programmed, designed, built and operated.
  3. To leverage the potiential of BIM to create opportunities to improve healthcare outcomes and afforadability.

Healthcare facilities are enormous complex machines, constantly evolving, that need to operate correctly throughout their expected life. Healthcare owners, comprising the HBC, are collaborating to shape industry direction and to leverage BIM to facilitate efficient processes and data exchange supporting facility life cycle management.


The HBC is an ongoing project group in bSa focused on BIM issues relating to the FLCM of healthcare facilities to resolve areas that healthcare owners are facing as common challenges. While the individual healthcare owner members may have other BIM objectives they are working in their individual organizations, the HBC agrees the collective efforts and voice of the HBC will be only be those issues that are common objectives to the healthcare owner members.

HBC objectives do not indicate that other objectives are not important, however to achieve a focused and collective effort forward the team of healthcare owner members is leveraging the HBC voice on common objectives only. HBC owner members may work their other individual organizational objectives external to the HBC efforts.


The HBC has five core focus areas that are being addressed in a collaborative effort.

  1. Automate space PFD (Program for Design) validation in design submittal. (Input Data Flow)
  2. Automate Room Equipment (Project Room Contents) Validation. (Input Data Flow)
  3. Optimize the benefits of BIM during the execution of design to assist successful project construction. (Design / Construction Execution)
  4. Automate the data population of computerized maintenance management software CMMS / CAFM. (Output Data Flow)
  5. Automate the data population – Medical Equipment & Furniture Inventory and Maintenance System. (Output Data Flow)
Illustration showing data flow
Illustration showing data input flow
Illustration showing data output flow


The HBC has periodic meetings and workshops to advance the efforts described in the mission statement.  The information on previous meetings can be found below, as well as details for the next general public meeting and any know future planned meetings.

Next Meeting


TBD East Coast
(4 days at 8:30 am to 4:30 pm | Eastern Time)
Hosted by: TBD

Focus: TBD

Register | Agenda | Location Information

Past Meetings

Meeting / EventRelated Files

HBC.1 -- 2010.08.27 -- Washington D.C.

Agenda | Meeting Slides | Minutes

HBC.2 -- 2011.02.02 -- SF/Oakland, CA

Agenda | Meeting Slides | Minutes1

HBC.3 -- 2011.06.27 -- Washington D.C.

Agenda | Meeting Slides | Minutes

HBC.4 -- 2012.03.15 -- Sacramento, CA

Agenda | Registrants | Meeting Slides | Minutes1

HBC.5 -- 2012.10.15 -- Washington, D.C.

Agenda | Registrants | Meeting Slides | Minutes1

HBC.6 -- 2013.Spring -- Sacramento, CA

Agenda | Meeting Slides | Minutes1

1 Agenda, Meeting Slides, Minutes published here are for the open public / plenary sessions only.

Data Samples for Development Efforts

Sample FileSchema & Data Definitions

Clinic Example
(a) .rvt File (New)

This is a sample file that is representative of a medical treatment facility (MTF) or Out Patient Clinic -- Medical & Dental activities. (WinZIP File)


(b) SEPS BIM Exports - space & medical equipment (New)

Corrected to include service (lead agency) in cover page.  This is the SEPS export that is associated with the sample Clinic BIM above. (WinZIP File)

(x) SEPS BIM Schema (New)

Corrected to include service (lead agency) in the cover page; added details descriptions.

(c) COBie/LCie Data Samples (New)

Sample export data for this sample clinic in a LCie format. ("Medical Clinical Example") This data set relates to the sample clinic BIM above.

(y) DMLSS-FM RPIE Schema

This document is currently under development, however you can reference the DoD's required data elements in their MHS Minimum BIM Requirements.


  1. The data represented above is from the DoD MHS sample set.
  2. Zipped files were zipped using WinZip. Some people have had trouble opening without using WinZip.

HBC Public Presentations

Please contact the chair listed above if your like the HBC Owner's group to present at your event. We will check owner member availability to suppot the request.

The HBC Owners group is making presentations on the efforts of the HBC at other venues to spread the word as requested.

The links below provide copies of presentations made at other events/conferences than the HBC meetings.

Meeting / EventRelated Files

Healthcare Design 2011 (HCD.11) -- 2011.11.15 Nashville, TN

E48A Contributing to Facility Life Cycle Management Through the Healthcare BIM Consortium – What This Means to the Building, Design & Construction Industry


(Lite Version)

Join the HBC

Are you interested in participating in the HBC and participating in one or more of the focus objectives discussed above?

  • Healthcare System Owner -- please contact the HBC project chair above.
  • Consultants, Designers, Builders, Others -- please join us at the next HBC meeting. After attending a HBC meeting, if you are interested in participating in the focus work groups please contact one of the HBC Workgroup leads.

HBC Portal

Accessing the HBC portal here on the bSa. The video below is provides an overview of how to navigate to the HBC project once in the portal. (Video)

Obtain a project portal account to participate in the bSa HBC project.

  1. Register here.
  2. In Type select "Reviewer"
  3. In Project select "Healthcare BIM Consortium"

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