buildingSMART alliance January 2014 Challenge

buildingSMART alliance January 2014 Challenge

by Bill East, PhD, PE, F.ASCE - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers

Executive Summary

Information exchange standards developed by buildingSMART chapters are intended to streamline the delivery of building information through the life of capital projects. buildingSMART alliance Challenge events allow software companies to demonstrate their ability to meet these standards. Challenge criteria requires that software companies produce and or consume the required information exchanges consistent with both the format and content equivalent to that which would be provided in contract documents. The mantra "data must match deliverables" is the fundamental quality standard of bSa Challenge events.

An independent quality control and/or quality assurance process conducted to verify software claims of compliance. Software vendors are required to demonstrate their products and provide sufficient configuration information to allow users to repeat this process on their own projects.

Planned Agenda

The Challenge will be comprised of one plenary morning session and two afternoon sessions. The morning session will introduce new NBIMS-US V3 standards and have presentations from teams who have used NBIMS-US standards on their project. Preference will be given to teams with quantifiable case study results describing how NBIMS-US has assisted the team to achieve lean processes.

The afternoon will be split between design and construction sessions. Software demonstrated is expected to produce electronic information, in the specified format, equivalent to the paper or e-paper documents commonly required by associated contract specifications.

Topics for the afternoon Design Session may include

  • BPie for Architectural Programming
  • COBie for Architectural Design
  • COBie for Architectural and MEP Design
  • SPie for Architectural Design and Architectural and MEP Design
  • HVACie at Coordinated Design
  • WSie at Coordinated Design
  • Sparkie at Coordinated Design

Topics for the afternoon Construction Session may include

  • HVACie for MEP Fabrication Design
  • COBie at Construction Handover
  • SPie at Construction Handover


Date Milestone Responsibility
26 Mar 2013 First informational meeting, discussion of status of each "ie" to be included Potential Participants
01 May 2013 Publication of sample projects/data files to be used for review and updating by participants bSa Challenge Team
Apr, May, June, July 2013 Potential participants Q&A Sessions and updates to sample project/data files bSa Challenge Team & Potential Participants
01 Aug 2013 Publication of updated projects/data files and Testing Tool bSa Challenge Team
01 Sep 2013 Deadline for notification of participation by software vendors Confirmed Participants
01 Oct 2013 Deadline for first submission of software vendor deliverables Confirmed Participants
15 Oct 2013 Private distribution of results to vendors for discussion and updates bSa Challenge Team
Nov 2013 Private meetings as needed with vendors to assist in resolution of vendor format and content issues bSa Challenge Team & Confirmed Participants
01 Dec 2013 Final submission of vendor deliverables and presentation materials for future public distribution Confirmed Participants
15 Dec 2013 Private distribution of results based on final vendor deliverables January 2014 bSa Challenge Team
Jan 2014 Public Presentation and release of vendor public distributions and results bSa Challenge Team & Confirmed Participants

For More Information

From March through 01 September 2013 software vendors producing products aimed at the Planning, Design, and Construction stages of the facility acquisition process may join these discussion to determine interest in participation by contacting the Vice Chair, bSa, Dr. Bill East at After 01 September 2013 the January 2014 bSa Challenge will be closed to new participants.

Those software vendors supporting the operational phase of facilities are encouraged to participate in the bSa Challenge for CMMS/CAFM systems which is typically held each year in March at the National Facility Maintenance and Technology show in Baltimore, MD. For information about participating in the March 2014 CMMS/CAFM Challenge, please contact Mariangelica Carrasquillo-Manual

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