buildingSMART alliance BIM Information Exchange Demonstration

BIM Information Exchange Demonstration

JULY 23-25, 2008

SCIE Implementation Testing: Onuma
Onuma Planning System (OPS) direct export to XML spreadsheet

by Nicholas Nisbet MA (Cantab) DipArch (UNL) - AEC3 and William East, PE, PhD - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The following table provides the analysis conducted to evaluate software manufacturer compliance with the Spatial Compliance Information Exchange (SCIE) conducted for the 23-25 July 2008 Building Information Modeling Information Exchange Demonstration.

The SCIE Requirements include the provision of a COBIE file that uses space classification based on OmniClass Table 13 "Spaces by Function" to provide a user-neutral format for the exchange of spatial compliance information. At this time the harmonized BOMA / IFMA space classification standard (ASTM E1836-08 Standard Practice for Building Floor Area Measurements) is the default COBIE and SCIE requirement. Owners must identify specific zoning requirements in SCIE specifications, which were not tested during the July 2008 demonstration.

Onuma SCIE File via direct submission to COBIE Spreadsheet

Software Name OPS
Software Version Not provided by vendor during the meeting
Optional configuration(s) Not provided by vendor during the meeting although the information was explicitly requested prior to the meeting. Please contact the vendor directly for this information.
IFC file submitted n/a
SCIE XML spreadsheet
Checker file results
Qualitative Evaluation
   01-Contact Worksheet
  • No issues
   02-Facility Worksheet
  • Facility not named
   03-Floor Worksheet
  • No issues
   04-Space Worksheet
  • Gross areas were a ratio of the net measured areas of spaces.
Additional Comments The sample file submitted included architecture spaces, equipment and serviced terminals.

Implementation Support

Support for Onuma Planning System is provided through their technical support service ( Given the server-based nature of Onuma Planning System, SCIE support is provided directly from the program developers.

There are also several third-party support contractors who have been involved in the development of these formats that could be of assistance. For information about these contractors, please post a request for assistance on the buildingSMART alliance list service. You will need to join the Alliance to use this service.

Another resource that might be helpful is a peer-to-peer forum provided by the Engineer Research and Development Center to support the International Alliance for Interoperability's ( Model Support Group. The purpose of this forum is to help users obtain answers to their own questions. This forum was used during the vendor communications leading to the July 2008 demonstration, as a result vendor technical staff may be reviewing forum postings to support their users. You must register, and be approved, for this forum however use of the forum is free of charge, at this time.


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