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Hazard mitigation data
With natural disasters taking an increasing toll, innovative strategies to stem future losses are needed now more than ever. Incentivizing resilience should be the next priority. Even though there are long-term benefits from investing in hazard mitigation — a key element of resilience — individuals and businesses might not choose resiliency over… more
Online event participants
Early in Judy Dinelle’s career, she pursued semi-professional softball. For many reasons, Dinelle walked away from that path, but among her reasons: She knew she wasn’t going to make a good living. Today, Dinelle serves as the building ambassador for 84 Lumber Company, a woman-owned and -operated building materials supply company. Based in Eighty… more
Fauci speaks on COVID-19
White House coronavirus health official Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke at the Washington National Cathedral on Thursday, November 12, to address virus surge and share encouraging news about vaccines. The situation in the United States is difficult with 10 million infections, 250,000 deaths, and 60,000 hospitalizations. Health officials recently reported… more
Women supporting women
We’ve all got unconscious biases. Some companies do better to keep it in check. Amazon Web Services takes it to a new level: Before every interview, AWS managers and directors must watch a 30-minute unconscious bias video to prep prior to meeting prospective candidates. “It’s amazing how many little biases you have,” said Sandra Benson,… more
Female leaders
The pandemic has forced many companies into recovery and resilience. National Institute of Building Sciences CEO Lakisha A. Woods, CAE, recently spoke with ASAE Stronger By Association podcast host Mary Kate Cunningham, CAE, about NIBS’ work for the built environment. Woods was joined by three female leaders from the association community to… more