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Resilience 2021
Floods are the most common and widespread of all weather-related natural disasters. According to testimony from Federal Emergency Management Agency representative Michael Grimm, flood damage cost approximately $17 billion each year between 2010 and 2018. Rising sea levels and extreme weather could cause $20 billion of flood damage to at-risk U.S.… more
Darrell X. Rounds, Operations Group Manager, General Motors Co.
Darrell Rounds appreciates when he can meet with other professionals from within the building industry. Rounds, Operations Group Manager with General Motors Co. in Detroit, says that’s the best part of being a member of the National Institute of Building Sciences. “[It] puts me in rooms, where I can convene with like-minded individuals who have… more
Since the beginning of the pandemic, building enclosures have received closer scrutiny, with everyone from consumers to building professionals to local and federal government, wanting to know more about their technologies and performance. Recently, the National Institute of Building Sciences Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (… more
Robert Ivy
EVP/Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, FAIA, announced on May 3 that he will retire at the end of 2021 after a decade of service in the top spot of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). A “renaissance man” with a broad range of interests and acumens, Robert has distinguished himself as a master communicator using built form or English… more
#ThisIsNIBS: Anne Ellis, Executive Director, Charles Pankow Foundation
The National Institute of Building Sciences has launched a membership campaign to raise awareness, recruit new members, and engage members who long have supported our mission and success. #ThisIsNIBS features testimonial videos by members, sharing their favorite part of being in our community. This week, we spoke with Anne Ellis, Executive… more