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Build Out Alliance
A few years ago, more than a dozen LGBTQ+ members in New York – who also happened to be part of the built environment – saw the need for a space to network and build community. Unofficially, Build Out Alliance was established in 2017. It was granted official non-profit status in 2018. Since then, founding members have done their part to spread… more
#ThisIsNIBS: Kimon Onuma, President, Onuma, Inc.
The National Institute of Building Sciences has built many long-term relationships with different agencies and organizations. Our members and partners are critical to our mission and the support of the built environment. Kimon Onuma, President of Onuma, Inc., said the company has been working with NIBS for more than 16 years. “NIBS is a fusion… more
BIM Council Priorities: Partnerships, National BIM Standard–US V4 and the U.S. National BIM Program
When it comes to working out details for the National BIM Standard – United States Version 4, figuring out how it easily can be applied in contracts has become a bit of a mantra. “NBIMS has always had different chapters,” said John Messner, Chair of the U.S. National BIM Standard and professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering at… more
43 Percent of Built Environment Employees Say Their Company Has a DEI Program
A 2021 Built Environment Social Equity Survey of the National Institute of Building Sciences has found that more than two in five (43%) employed/working respondents indicate their company has a program or initiative dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. NIBS launched the survey in March with the help of market research and consulting firm… more
professions breakdown
The National Institute of Building Sciences is collecting feedback for the development of a new hazard mitigation resource portal called TurboGrants. TurboGrants aims to help jurisdictions jump-start mitigation projects and improve applicants’ capacity to apply for federal grants. This portal could help mitigation grants applicants by answering… more