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Nominations for NIBS Awards and Honors Are Open
It’s important to recognize the individuals who have made significant contributions to positively influence and greatly impacted the built environment. Through Monday, May 31, NIBS will accept nominations for the following awards categories: The Exceptional Woman in Building Award will recognize a dynamic, trailblazing woman who has made… more
Katharine E. Morgan, President of ASTM International
The National Institute of Building Sciences today is launching a comprehensive membership campaign that’s aimed at raising awareness, recruiting new members, and engaging members who have long supported the mission and success of NIBS. #ThisIsNIBS features testimonial videos by NIBS members, sharing their favorite part of being a member of our… more
Nashville, Tennessee, 2020: People clean trash from their yard and start to cut a fallen tree the morning after a tornado rips through Nashville.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports there were more than 1,200 tornadoes in 2020, leading to the highest tornado death rate in almost a decade. Last year, a deadly tornado outbreak affected the Southeastern United States on Easter Sunday and Monday, causing 32 fatalities. This was part of a larger severe convective storm (… more
Susan Maxman
Susan Maxman remembers when the architecture profession was predominantly male. She attended Smith College. While attending this all-female institution, Maxman was told time and again that women could achieve whatever they wanted – the same as men. But this was a time when the majority of the female population was not in the workforce, but rather… more
National Institute of Building Sciences Joins Global BIM Network
The National Institute of Building Sciences joined more than 2,000 public sector representatives from 100 countries to form a new Global BIM Network. The launch of the Global BIM Network took place March 17, 2021, during the Global BIM Summit convened by the Centre for Digital Built Britain. The Global BIM Network aims to connect international… more