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Building Innovation 2016 Conference & Expo Program CWCC Meeting Agenda

Meeting: Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council (CWCC)

Tuesday, January 12, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm




1:30 pm

Welcome, Introductions and Update
Roger Grant and Priya Swamy

1:50 pm

ANSI Review and Pre-Approval of Schemes
Roger Grant

2:10 pm

Review of Schemes for Needed Updates
Roger Grant

2:25 pm

Efforts to Develop Education Programs
Roger Grant and Priya Swamy

2:35 pm

Plans for Certificate Program
Roger Grant and Priya Swamy

2:55 pm

Efforts to Build Demand for a Qualified Workforce
Roger Grant and Priya Swamy

3:15 pm
Energy Jobs Career Map
Maureen Roskoski

3:25 pm
Wrap-up and Next Steps
Roger Grant

3:30 pm

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