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buildingSMART alliance BIM Information Exchange Demonstration

BIM Information Exchange Demonstration


Consumption of COBie2 via IFC with FaME

by E. William East, PhD, PE - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Nicholas Nisbet MA (Cantab) DipArch (UNL) - AEC3

This page provides links to information used to evaluate the listed product's compliance against the requirements of the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) Facility Handover (FM) Model View Definition (MVD) (PDF) and with the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange draft specification requirements (DOC). This testing was conducted for the December 2009 COBie2 Challenge. In the Dec 2009 presentation, vendors created and exported files for a single small apartment building so that the results of the testing could be directly compared. This small project above was also used by those software vendors demonstrating the direct consumption of the FM Handover IFC files. The sample FM Handover MVD IFC file and COBie2 files are also provided for reference.

Producers and consumers of COBie2 data directly could also use the sample COBie2 Railyard Maintenance building project. The Railyard project contains the complete set of COBie2 data including information about installed equipment, warranties, replacement parts, operations and maintenance instructions, and associated documents. The Railyard project without the submittal document files referenced in the COBie2 Documents worksheet may be downloaded here.

The sections below describe the scope of the referenced products demonstration, the files used during the demonstration, the assessment of results. At the bottom of the page is a set of vendor contact information that may be helpful to you as you begin to implement COBie2.

Software Vendor's Presentation

A copy of the presentation made at the Dec 2009 Challenge by the vendor describing their product may be found here (JPG).

Scope of Participation

The scope of this vendor's participation in the demonstration is identified in the tables below.

COBie2 Producer (via. IFC) No
COBie2 Producer (directly) No
COBie2 Consumer (via. IFC) YES
COBie2 Consumer (directly) No

Deliverable content domains demonstrated:

Architectural Domain Yes
HVAC Domain Yes
Construction Domain Not in the IFC Test file.
O&M Domain Not in the IFC Test file.

Vendor's Test Files

Native file formats are not required with this product since it is a web-based product that directly consumes IFC files.

Assessment Conducted Live at the COBie2 Challenge

As Consumer

The assessment of the vendor's demonstration of the Apartment building import is shown below:

Q1. Verify that the facility correctly imported Yes
Q2. Verify that correct room names and numbers were imported Yes
Q3. Verify that room function codes are available Yes
Q4. Verify that equipment is identified as part of the designated building service Yes
Q5. Verify that the equipment is identified within a single room Yes
Q6. Verify installed equipment is identified. Yes
Q7. Verify that the equipment warranty information was loaded. Not in the IFC Test file.
Q8. Verify replacement part information was loaded. Not in the IFC Test file.
Q9. Verify that PM schedules were loaded Not in the IFC Test file.
Q10. Verify Safety plan information was loaded. Not in the IFC Test file.
Q11. Verify that tools, materials, and training have been uploaded. Not in the IFC Test file.

The table below identifies if additional information that may be present in the data set was imported by the product:

Attribute sheet read Yes
Coordinate sheet read No
Document sheet read Not in the IFC Test file.
Issue sheet read Not in the IFC Test file.
Job, Resource, Spare read Not in the IFC Test file.
Connection sheet read Not in the IFC Test file.
Technical Support

The table below provides contact information provided by the vendor at the Dec 2009 meeting.

Vendor FaMe Facilities Management Software
Software Name FaMe
Version V5
Necessary configuration ORACLE
Optional configuration Autocad ADT, REVIT
Sales contact
COBie2 support
Implementation plan

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